Terms of Appointment

The following terms of appointment apply to all works carried out by Addition Design Studio (ADS) unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing.

Written acceptance of these terms is required before ADS can commence any work. Otherwise further client correspondence will be taken as confirmation of acceptance of these terms of appointment.

The client is the individual or company instructing ADS to provide architectural services. Any Client must be at least 18 years of age and be legally and otherwise medically eligible to enter into such contracts. All communications and works completed will be for the sole use of that client and shall not be assigned or passed on to any other individual or organisation without prior written consent.

ADS reserves the right to photograph projects during construction or when complete. Personal details and location details can be kept private within any publicity or marketing if requested.

Obligations of ADS and Client:

  1. ADS shall exercise reasonable skill and care in the provision of their duties and production of design information. 
  2. The services of ADS will be limited to those works agreed within the appointment form. Any services pertaining to other professionals such as Structural Engineers or Chartered Surveyors etc are specifically excluded.
  3. ADS will not be liable for damages in excess of their responsibility nor will ADS take responsibility for the quality of any materials or workmanship of others.
  4. The client should provide ADS with accurate information with the decisions and approvals necessary for the proper and timely completion of services, and ADS will rely on such information.
  5. Subject to the provisions of item 1. ADS does not warrant:
  • a) that the services will be completed in accordance with the timetable or the desired budget costs for construction. 
  • b) the planning permission or other approvals from third parties will be granted. 
  • c) the performance, work or products of others. 
  • d) the solvency of any other person appointed.



Any Survey carried out by ADS will include dimensional information only, it will not be structural, invasive or provide levelling or detailed drainage information unless specifically agreed in writing before the work is carried out.

Every effort will be made to identify all visible above ground features. However it should be kept in mind that there may have been items obscured at the time of survey. Boundaries shown are indicative only and may not represent the extent of legal ownership.

All information provided by the client will be deemed to be correct.


Issuing Drawings:

The information issued is to be limited to the purposes of validating a Planning Application and/or Building Regulation Application. 

Where carrying out works using a ‘Building Notice’ any works carried out without or in anticipation of; all statutory permissions, is done so against our advice and entirely at the clients own risk.

Fees are due in full upon the first issue of the ‘as existing’ drawings. Once the invoice has been paid and ‘design’ drawings have been issued the client will have a period of 28 days to ask for amendments. Amendments are to be within the agreed scope of works (See ‘FEES’. For more information about changes to the scope of services).



Fees are due in full as defined within the letter of appointment. This written quotation will remain valid for a period of 3 months.

Payment is due on issue of invoice. The final date for payment will be 14 days from the date of the invoice. Where payment is outstanding or late ADS reserves the right to suspend the provision of services.

All fees for services are due regardless of the outcome of the project or if the client chooses not to complete the project.

The fees quoted are for the type and scale of project defined at the time of quotation. If the scale of services required varies from the original proposal, or if the project does not follow the expected timescales, ADS reserves the right to adjust or amend the fees stated to suit these variations.

Where the project scale has increased or differs from the original quotation additional invoices will be submitted for services provided and will be charged on an hourly basis at a rate of £45.00p/h.

Where the local authority requests changes to the proposal then additional fees will be required in accordance with ‘changes in scale of services’ above. 

Fees charged by other bodies during the course of the project, such as Local Authorities, Specialist Reports (e.g. Ecological Survey, Flood Risk Assessment, Tree Impact Assessment, Consevation Area Character Assessment etc), Structural Engineers Fees etc are to be paid directly by the client unless otherwise agreed. ADS reserves the right to charge a management fee if asked to handle these fees.


Copyright of all drawings/designs and intellectual property produced by ADS remains with and is owned by ADS. 

ADS reserves the right to control the ways in which their work may be used. Drawings may not be copied or distributed in any way, or used for any purpose other than those described in the appointment form.

All drawings/designs produced are limited to use only by the named person/company and for the specific purpose and location described in the agreement. 

ADS asserts its moral right under the copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.


Disputes & Termination:

If the client is not satisfied with the service provided then they must contact ADS as soon as possible. ADS will seek to address the issue and resolve the matter.

Our services may be terminated by reasonable notice given by either party, where services have already been provided ADS reserves the right to charge a minimum cancellation fee of £395.00 up to a maximum fee equal to the full amount specified in the appointment form, to cover any costs incurred during the provision of customised services. 


Data Privacy:

All personal data provided to ADS is stored securely and will only be used to provide the agreed services.

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